Universal Audio Apollo x16, Apollo 8p, and UAD-2 Octo Satellite


Waves plug-ins.

Universal Audio plug-ins

Focusrite, Universal Audio, SSL, Rupert Neve Designs mic pre's


    Royer, Shure, Audix, AKG, Telefunken, Sennheiser,

    Audio Technica, Neumann, EV

Adam A7x Monitors and KRK K10S Sub

Amy Clawson - Still Breathin'

Bass, Engineer, Mix, Master, Producer

Hank Shreve Band - Loosen Up!

Engineer, Mix, Master

Bronze Radio Return - Mister, Mister

Unofficial Remix by Lance Seiders

Recorded for Indaba Music

Telefunken Sessions Live

Invisible Familiars - Disturbing Wildlife

Unofficial Remix by Lance Seiders

Recorded for Weathervane Music's

Shaking Through Vol. 4, Episode 4

Amy Clawson & Coltrane - Ain't Any Angels

Bass, Mix, Master, Producer

Two Dog Garage - Oh My

Bass, Engineer, Mix, Master

What I have recorded and/or mixed, mastered:

Hank Shreve Band: I’ve Had It

Hank Shreve Band: Loosen Up!

Ben Rice Band: Pour Me Some Whiskey

Ben Rice Band: Live at the Purple Fox Loft

Out Of The Blue

Debra Arlyn: Complicated Mess

Melissa Chester: Honeybee

Surround: Surround

Two Dog Garage: EP

Creswell High School and Middle School Music Programs

Kenzie Hruby Band

HBN News: Artist Archives Podcast

Bump In The Road

Amy Clawson with Coltrane: Someday

The Dead Ringers w/ Barry Flast

Eugene Weekly’s Next Big Thing

My work has been played on KROQ, KINK FM, KDUK, KRSK

The Buzz, and many radio stations around the world.

“Honeybee,” produced by Lance Seiders, reminds me of my Carole King days, and the songs are all from the heart. The lyrics are clear and understandable, somewhat of a rarity these days. The mixture of guitar, drums, and bass is perfect and doesn’t drown out the vocals.

                                      -Debra Stocker, All Access

2014 Pensado Award Nominee

for “Break Thru Mixer”

Andrew Scheps

Dave Pensado

Human Radio - You, Me, & the Radio

Telefunken Studios

Ben Rice Trio - Live @ the Purple Fox Loft

Engineer, Mix, Master

Jessie Leigh - Same Boat

Bass, Mix, Producer

Jessie Leigh - Little Things

Bass, Mix, Producer